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The Ministry of Economy estimates that in mid-2006 the total population was 2.577 million. Of those, 1.844 million were Omanis. The population has grown from 2.018 million in the 1993 census to 2.340 million in the 2003 census.

In Oman, about 50% of the population lives in Muscat and the Batinah coastal plain northwest of the capital; about 200,000 live in the Dhofar (southern) region, and about 30,000 live in the remote Musandam Peninsula on the Strait of Hormuz.

Around 600,000 foreigners live in Oman, most of whom are guest workers from Pakistan, Bangladesh, Egypt, India and the Philippines.

Country Flag Oman Flag
Country Emblem Oman Emblem
Capital Muscat
Official Language Arabic
Area 309550 Sq kms
Population 2845000
Currency Rial (OMR)
Time GMT + 4 hours
International calling code 968
Driving Left Hand Drive

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