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Oman has one expressway grade highway running along the Batinah Coast of the Gulf of Oman. The speed limit is generally 120 km/h. Other roads are two lane highways in very good condition. There is ample desert scenery.


ONTC (Oman National Transport Corporation) offers regular bus service to Salalah, Nizwa, Sohar and Dubai among other destinations.


Taxis are orange and white. They are not metered so it is advisable to negotiate a fair before the start of a journey. Shared taxis are considerably cheaper and practical.

Small vans (known locally as the baiza bus) following more or less fixed routes offer a cheaper alternative. Flag one down and find out his destination.

Call Taxis

There are three major call taxi operators in Oman - City Taxi, Bid Bid Taxi, A l Dar Taxi LLC.

There are no railways in Oman


Oman Aviation Services operates its domestic airline Oman Air to provide service flights to Salalah, Sur, Khasab, Diba and Masirah.

Country Flag Oman Flag
Country Emblem Oman Emblem
Capital Muscat
Official Language Arabic
Area 309550 Sq kms
Population 2845000
Currency Rial (OMR)
Time GMT + 4 hours
International calling code 968
Driving Left Hand Drive

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